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We, at the M5 Staffing and Services, will provide your business with a cost-effective and high-quality service without sacrificing quality to give you the best hires for your organization.  

We can also manage your entire process from end-to-end, take care of just part of the process, or anything in between. We are here to provide your changing demands with both recruiting and cost-efficiency.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

We are dedicated to providing a cost-effective and high-quality service without sacrificing quality. We have several capabilities that can cater to your varying degrees of needs. We will also ensure that the hiring process remains in full compliance with regulatory compliance at every stage of the hiring process. We are here to make sure that your employees have the skills and knowledge to fulfill the job requirements. 


It is our main goal to fill the various roles within your company with suitable candidates. We will obtain qualified personnel for different job positions in your organization. We will ensure the continuity and growth of your organization, through development managers. 

Executive Search

Our specialized recruitment service, Seeking out and recruiting highly qualified candidates for senior and executive-level opportunities for your company. We also carry out initial screening of the candidate, negotiations on remuneration and benefits, and preparing the employment contract. The executive search process allows us to achieve key milestones during the search life cycle. It is a very thorough process that guarantees each assignment to have a list of strong candidates


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